Choosing an electric fire for your home offers a number of benefits that far outweigh those offered by gas, wood burners or traditional fires. It’s not difficult to understand why electric fires mounted on walls have become a popular form of heating.

Benefits of wall-mounted electric fires

You can install your wall-mounted electric fire just about anywhere in the home as you only need an electric plug socket. What’s more they are easy to fit as there is no need for a flue or chimney.

When you fit a wall-mounted electric fire you know you are opting for an instant heating fix. There is no need to wait for heat to be produced, as the fire produces optimum amounts of heat just as soon as it is switched on.

Electric fires are clean and so there’s no possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning with an electric fire and are 100% efficient.

Electric fires are not tied into chimney breast locations and can be fitted just about anywhere in the home. This means you can target the area you need heating, rather than needing to consider flues and pipework in the home. In many cases you only need an electric plug socket.

Check out the variety of electric fires offered by Greenview Heating to find out more ways in which a wall-mounted electric fire will benefit you.

If you have any questions about electric fires, wall-mounted or otherwise, or would like to learn more about fitting one in your home, please contact us to discuss further.

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