your-homeIt’s Your Property

There might often be a fundamental design choice between ‘heat and efficiency’ and ‘look and feel’, or a reasonable balance of both!  In the end, it’s your home.

It has never been easier to provide a variety of installations in different types of properties. We now have full flue system solutions to provide a flue where an original build previously didn’t allow this option.

When considering your fireplace project, you should also consider what effect the new fire will have in the room, and whether other items of furniture or decoration might need to change to ‘go’ with the new fire. Some of these might be considered ‘essentials’ – skirting, carpets, cornicing around the chimney – where others might be totally discretionary, like your favourite armchair!

Design Elements

Often home owners are guided by the original house design or period of build the choosing a new fireplace. We offer refurbished period fireplaces but also quality reproduction fireplaces.

New contemporary designs with high efficiencies are often foremost in homeowners’ minds and provide higher output and higher efficiency fires with clean simple design elements.

Greenview often undertakes ‘grander designs’ involving full structural builds of new chimney breasts to create contemporary ‘hole in wall’ fires, either gas or solid fuel, both of which are stylishly impressive and stunning with high efficiency.

Full or Partial Replacement

We can provide either full fireplace replacements or solve existing problems with a current installation.

We can create design and build to create your dream fireplace, or simply change a hearth, fire or new surround only. Sometimes, the existing fireplace is working satisfactorily but a flue may have been condemned for safety reasons.  In this case a defective flue can be renovated with a simple flue lining solution.